Body of Mars

Can you imagine? 
The body of your dreams? 
A body so well sculpted, and toned, that you yourself couldn't even believe that this is you?..
A walking "Statue of David" as if the Gods themselves went away on your body with a hammer, and a chisel. Rugged in all the right ways, and a body that screams out a warrior within you. 
People can't help but have Sexual tension towards you.
Life is perfect. You get complimented on your body often, Women turn their heads to you, Your clothes look even better on you than they were before, Sex comes to you with almost no effort at all, Your body is healthy, You'll live longer, and You'll feel unstoppable. 
You are at a crossroad. This is it, this is your chance to make change happen. I can continue on with my life, or I can take this opportunity, and become the person that I dreamed of. It's time.
This ritual is designed to:
-Speed up your metabolism at appropriate speeds to balance out, and give you pure, lean, muscle.
-Increase muscle mass, and allow proper water retention.
-Speeds up the repairing stages of your muscle immediately after a workout
-Increases your limits, and endurance; allowing you to work out longer than you could before.
-Make your workouts much more beneficial, and allow for powerful bursts of energy.
-Crash less, and allow even better absorption of supplements
-Even out toning. Putting weight on places you need the most, and shedding weight on places where you don't need it.
-Increases, balances, and properly manages testosterone production.
This is it. The perfect companion. THE Hammer and Chisel to your body to put you in the best shape of your life.

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