This world wishes to steal your Masculinity away from you, and holding onto your strength and vigor, is becoming increasingly a challenge.

Many men of today are suffering in silence.

Struggling with depression, lack of purpose, lack of bravado, lack of power and commanding strength.

In a nutshell, a lack of THE MASCULINE SELF.

This is not an accident.


Masculine men are a threat to the agenda. He is THE original commanding leader and does not yield to stupidity or nonsense. Masculinity is considered "toxic" these days and with the agenda that is being pushed down your throat to let go of your natural primal power, men are increasingly finding themselves lost and confused about what their next step is. 

Between a mix of the estrogen in the plastics and the drinking water, to the neuro-endocrine disruptors in the food + chemtrails, masculinity is at an all time low. 

(and that is exactly how they wish it to be...)

There is a staggering and frightening increase in men taking on feminine traits, being more passive, vain, shallow, too emotional, and, lacking vigor and boldness in their problem solving


You are a commanding man and the world moves upon YOUR will. You will not allow anyone ELSE do your thinking and you're ready to grab the entire world by the horns (and the tail..)

You have your full deservingness to walk this planet with unstoppable bold might, courage, dominance, and, force.

Not a neutered, confused, weak wreck.

Spartanite FULLY SUPPORTS  primal masculine dominance!


This *magick does the following : 


  • Allows you FLUENT emotional, mental, &, spiritual mastery over yourself and all your feelings by being balanced and compassionate towards yourself and others
  • Heals the wounds of masculine self-doubt, procrastination, & low worth that is often masked by machismo and "the bullying culture"
  • Allows you to stand up for yourself, create boundaries, and Love fiercely
  • Commands dominance, power, and, respect -- boosting your VIRILITY
  • Increases your testosterone levels naturally and creates assertiveness + brevity
  • Gives you a serious and powerful masculine aura
  • Amplifies your boldness, courage, and, physical strength
  • Provides an unstoppable rush to achieve all of your goals and pursuits
  • Gives you the edge in any social setting & makes you instantly memorable


*This is time release magick and you will be filled with vigor, power, manly daring, confidence, strength, courage, and, commanding dominance. You will how to effortlessly walk with powerful masculinity which is healthy and strong, not harmful and dysfunctional to yourself and others, lending you complete control of your own destiny. 

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