Inspired by the LABEL series, on our site for private video/in-person mentoring that goes into 5 to 6 figure investments, we have had immense requests for something that is more affordable. I have seen my private clients grow and expand their lives, perspective, and, having a mentor is life changing. I wouldn't be able to cope if I hadn't been extensively mentored, and even till today. 

My private clients receive round the clock messenger support, email support, and, of course speaking with me personally over the phone/video:)

And through this request, I have decided to create an E-MAIL MENTORING option. An option whereby you will hear from me twice a week on ANY challenges/issues/problems -- on all the places that you're stuck on.

*Sparty EMAIL MENTORING will be a combination of LIFE STRATEGY and powerful psychic ability to steer and guide you in the right direction. A direction that will allow you to stretch and expand just by what I write to you.

If you love my videos, books, blogs and you have found them HELPFUL (as many do, and thank you!), + have wanted to work with me -- e-mail mentoring is a FANTASTIC start.

I can mentor on practically any area of life given my life expertise and ability to focus on the solution and not the problem. I will help you get OUT of your own way, and FAST to create clarity and confidence in rapid amounts of time. 


Ready to have me in your corner and have a trained award winning mentor & expert sorceress guide you?


*Consider this an on-going form of consultations via email. If you wish to upgrade to the LABEL series, please contact us directly.

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