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Each person has a prosperity machine locked inside them...

A machine that supplies endless levels of money, abundance, prosperity, and material wealth. A machine that most people simply do not know how to access because they live in a realm of never enough.

Money is energetic in nature, and there is always enough.

Except, most aren't aware of this. 

When you swim in opportunity, reward comes naturally for you. 

It's time to claim the keys to unlock your personal prosperity machine and walk into a mentality of everything you're about to get RIGHT

In this 10 part audio class, I cover the following : 

1. Healing deep hidden resentment to the wealthy and money, itself

2. Getting paid what you are WORTH

3. Being afraid to ASK for money

4. Creating emotional fortitude in your negotiations

5. Opening yourself up to receiving

6. Changing your linguistics around money

7. Creating material success from a spiritual perspective

8. Eliminating the barter based mentality

9. Creating healthy levels of self serving generosity

10. Instilling a "I want to pay in full for this" mentality

Ready to DIVE DEEP into activating your machine?

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